Cheese Arrivals

New selection of Bohemian Creamery Cheese.

Poco Loco
Bah Boom
Twist n Shout
Agua Bufazola

Cheese Sale

We have some shipments of new cheese and meats in route to the Bodega.  To make some additional room we need to “cut the cheese” we currently have.

June 2nd-5th we have a sale

Wine Club Members get 20% off the purchase of any cheese (does not apply to Dealers Choice Cheese Board)
Non-Wine Club Members get 12% off the purchase of any cheese (does not apply to Dealers Choice Cheese Board)

Cheese Arrival

Idiazabal Artazi Gazta
Idiazabal Artazi Gazta is from the beautiful Spanish Basque Region.  Remember that Txakolina we had in the Wine Club in Feburary?  Same region. 
Artzai Gazta’s objective is to value cheese as a cultural tradition, and the work of the rancher as a value for bio-sustainable rural development.

It is a farmhouse cheese made out of Latxa sheep's raw milk that comes from the shepherd's and shepherdess's own land. It has a smoky hint that gives it a fantastic ability to pair with different foods and wine.

We just got restocked on this beauty and a handful of other cheese at the bodega.  Grab some cheese with your Wine Club.

New Raw Cheese Restock From T Five Bar Ranch

When we say we go directly to the Creamery we mean it!

Just picked up a restock of T Five Bar Farmstead Cheese.
This was our greeting/tasting.
Brought the following back and is limited so don’t wait.
Raw Cow Camembert
Raw Cow Ricotta Salata
Raw Sheep Milk Pecorino 7 month aged
Raw Sheep Milk Peppercorn Pecorino